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smoking - the costs

Do you know that smoking has both financial and social costs?

Search the game and find the cafe. Why don't the two men want to go inside?

Ask yourself:

  • How much money is spent on cigarettes in a year?
  • Who pays for the illness caused by smoking?
  • How does smoking affect other people?

Smoking is a major cause of illness, treating the diseases that are caused by smoking is an expensive cost to the community. Smoking affects other people, if you smoke you may lose some of your friends who don't. Careless smokers litter our environment with their discarded cigarette butts.

 You will find the answers to these questions below.

Shane and Sally
Smoking related illnesses cost the Australian community approximately 13 billion dollars annually. In Australia it is estimated that an average Australian smoker spends up to $2,000 a year on cigarettes. This means they have less to spend on food and clothes, or fun things like C.D's, computer games or tickets to the cinema or football match... how would you rather spend your money?

Effects on Others
Smoking also affects other people. Most people who don't smoke find it very unpleasant to be close to a smoker. The smoke from a cigarette can irritate your eyes and nose making it difficult for you to breathe. Smoke can trigger an asthma attack in people who suffer from asthma. And breathing other people's cigarette smoke may also cause cancer.

Smoking can affect families. If a parent who smokes becomes sick and cannot go to work, the family may suffer from a loss of income.

Peer Pressure
Sometimes you may feel under pressure from your friends to smoke. Often kids think it looks "cool" to smoke. Think about how to deal with this situation... what choice will you make when your friends offer you a cigarette?

Community Cost

Local councils and shopping centres spend many thousands of dollars cleaning up after smokers who litter public areas by stamping out their cigarette butts on the ground. Tobacco smoke also stains the walls and ceilings of shops and offices where smokers work.

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