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About Smoke Free Kids

The Shane and Sally Smoke Free Game is a classroom based smoking prevention program that can be used by children between 10 to 12 years of age. It has been designed by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and has been trialed in a number of primary schools in the outer southern metropolitan area of Adelaide, South Australia. Previous trials of the program have demonstrated that teachers found it to be an excellent teaching tool and students enjoyed undertaking this activity.

The game is available in two forms – a pen and pencil version, the “Smoke Free Game” and an online interactive version “Clear the Air”. Both versions of the game involve students seeking answers to questions about smoking and the tobacco industry. The answers to these questions are embedded in the game and topics covered include the health consequences of smoking, sporting performance, financial issues, social concerns and the environmental impact of the tobacco industry. This website provides children with additional information about smoking and the tobacco industry. Links to other websites provide access to more information.

Using the Game

Smoke Free Game

This version can be downloaded and printed out. View a sample section of a completed Smoke Free Kids board game, coloured in by students, here. First download the game here and the questions from here, then print them both out. Enlarge the game to A3 and photocopy as many copies as required for your students. The game and website can be used in many ways. One idea is to provide students with the game in the classroom setting and encourage children to colour in the picture while seeking the answers to the questions provided. Children can work on this task individually or in small groups.

Download Game
Download Questions
Download Acrobat Reader

Clear the Air
This is the online interactive version of the game. It is designed for 1 or 2 players. It is envisaged that Clear the Air will appeal to a wide range of students because of its animated interactive nature. Clear the Air could be used as a classroom activity with students working individually or in groups of two, followed by class discussion.

Play Game

Navigating through this website and additional links will increase the students’ knowledge about the risks of smoking and the negative impact of the tobacco industry. Information from the website can be printed as required.

We are currently requesting feedback from teachers to help us evaluate the overall effectiveness of the games. Please take a moment to fill in this brief form, thank you.

Feedback Form

Additional Ideas

Additional activities that could be conducted include:

  • children develop their own project covering one or more of the topics included, using the website as a basis for their research
  • children develop their own anti-smoking posters and slogans
  • classroom discussions covering the topics included and additional topics such as peer pressure, advertising and legal issues
  • classroom debates
  • survey projects
  • class presentations
  • role playing to explore social concerns and challenging peer pressure
Other websites with more information about smoking

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